Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo Day 1

People keep commenting on "weathering the storm" of NaNoWriMo. Now, this is the first time I am participating, so maybe I have no idea what I am talking about., but I personally think this writing storm will be a relatively calm storm for me. I am actually not SUPER worried about hitting my word limit. I will just be excited if I get a chance to sit down and write anything everyday. I guess what I am saying is: BRING ON THE STORM! It will be a welcome reprieve from the toddler/baby/momma/work/dog storm that is my daily life. Don't be mistaken, I love my life. I'm just looking forward to escaping into some writing for a while. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Two Days and Counting...

Well, I thought I had it all figured out. You know, what I am going to write this November for NaNoWriMo, but maybe I don't.

My original idea: A book about a woman who receives a journal from her ailing grandmother for a wedding present. She is so busy being a happy newlywed that she doesn't take the time to read it. However, three years later after her grandmother has passed, and as her husband is asking for a trial separation, she comes across the journal and discovers that it is actually a journal full of advice to her and quotes and even research that her grandmother collected over the 52 years of her marriage. As my main character (name TBD) struggles to decide what path she wants to take--fight for her marriage or simply walk away--she dives deep into the writings of her grandmother, sometimes crying, sometimes screaming, and sometimes dismissing the advice as archaic.

My other idea: I was watching my almost two-year-old play the other day and thought it would be really fun and really funny to write something sort of stream-of-conciousness from the perspective of a toddler. This may not actually be enough substance for an entire novel though. It might be more appropriate as a short story. Seriously, though...HiLaRiOuS!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's coming...soon. And while I have never participated before, I am going to participate this year. I am framing the work for my November Novel in my head. It is actually an idea I have had for a while. I just hope that with TWO little ones running around now, I will be able to actually write.

I will use this blog as a place to document my experience. I think it will be fabulous. I hope it will be fabulous. I would love it if I could actually get at least a great chunk of a novel written. I am not under any delusion that I will actually be able to finish one in a month.

Happy Writing All!


Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have been so busy with this growing another human being business that I haven't done any writing for months! Then, I log on and actually read other's blogs to see that I missed NaNoWriMo...which I had never heard of until now. Well, there will be next year. Mark it on the calendar now. Until then, I have a baby to finish baking and a house to get in order. All my multi-tasking skills have gone out the window since May, so who knows when I will be writing again, but I just realized...I MISS IT.

Friday, June 4, 2010


I suppose I should remind or tell anyone who stumbles across this blog (since I have one follower at the moment and that's only because I know her. Although, I really haven't advertised this blog--shame on me!) that I am a high school English teacher. This is a warning for anyone who reads this post because I do tend to get all "teacher-y" sometimes when I write about this writing stuff. This morning, somewhere between the kiss goodbye from the hubby and actually opening my eyes, I began to think/dream/obsess over this little blog that I have started and the other writing/publishing blogs that read and follow. I began to think about the characters who write and rant and if, in fact, their blog persona is really who they are. 
When I teach the concept of characterization to students (granted, this is actually something that I am lucky to teach since TOO many of my students still struggle with reading and writing, the majority of my time and energy was always spent playing catch-up there) we discuss the how WHO a character is in a story isn't just about how they look. It is about how they talk; how they interact with other characters, setting, themselves; how they react and handle the problems thrown at them by the plot; how they dress, walk; and how they think. Now, if I was Diary of a Virgin Novelist, this is where I would insert a great insight I have had in regards to my own writing. Miss Rebecca, who writes this blog, seems like someone I could be friends with. We could have long, deep discussions about writing and what we hope to accomplish from living a writing life. She is so very reflective, and I love that. It is so very Regis (a term applied to anything I do that is reflective because it was a HUGE part of my Master's Program at Regis University in Denver, CO--note for future reference). I like reading this blog because it is SO far from where I am, and I seriously strive to be there someday--you know, confident, almost done with my WIP, happy, upbeat, involved! Love it!
There are several more characters that I follow. This next one, Tahereh, makes me laugh and smile. She is quirky and funny, and I know that I am in for a treat and a ride when I read her blog posts. Honestly, I didn't know what to think at first. I was so taken aback at her complete honesty, her world of followers, and her insanely random posts, that I was intimidated. However, what a wonderful example she is of a great character that one will NEVER forget. 
Angie Paxton, over at Answering the What If, is really fun for me to follow. Believe it or not, she and I actually know each other personally. She is married to someone I have been friends with since he and I were four. I have met her little blonde person and held her as a baby. I am so excited for the things that are happening to Ang right now, and I can't wait for her to be published so I can read the rest of Seeds. I love reading her blog because she is so wonderfully personal and honest, and I love the images she reflects in every post she writes. It makes me feel as if  I know her so much more now, and honestly, I love that! She is amazing and the reason I even started paying more attention to the blogging world and all the possibilities it can open up for a writer. 
Finally, I have found a teacher and guide through this. Although, I am the incredibly intimidated student that sits in the back of the classroom and doesn't raise her hand, doesn't really participate, and every time I do, I hope to say something brilliant enough to be noticed by the very busy, very knowledgeable sage at the front of the room. Yes, I am talking about Nathan Bransford--Literary Agent. Even after reading Tahereh's interview with him, I was still wholly in awe. Mr. Bransford, if I ever get brave enough to query you, please be nice. 

OKAY, now what is the point of actually posting about these few people that I follow. Well, I see in them so much to be jealous of as a writer. I find that my process is much different than I ever imagined it would be, and right now, I am figuring out who my writing character is. I have been a big sister, a daughter, a constant student, a teacher, an unemployed teacher (this last year has been brutal), a new wife, and now it is time to figure out who I am as a writer. I, obviously, have some great examples of new writers and professionals in the business (there are many more than just the above mentioned), but this is all about me. How do I walk and talk and think as a writer? Honestly, my teacher moments are helping me along the way, and I love the way my brain works!  

Friday, May 21, 2010


Once upon a time, when I was actually teaching (and yes, I miss it horribly, and I am always looking for a job) there was a student teacher who graced our English department for a semester. I use the term "grace" loosely because not one of us really could handle his superior attitude and know-it-all personality. He decided that he needed to school the veteran teachers in the department one day (I was still a rookie, and therefore was below even him) with his brilliant plan for teaching students how to write an essay. This plan he titled J.A.W. Which, of course, stood for: Just Ask Why. The idea behind it was that by continually asking our students WHY, they would be able to explain as clear as possible the point and meaning behind their essay.
Hmmm...ever engaged in a conversation with a two-year-old curious about the whole world? Remember when you get to the point when you have come full circle? Can anyone even imagine what would happen to an essay where the writer answered WHY after every statement made? Don't get me wrong. This does need to happen. Essay writers need to be clear as to the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of their essay. There is such as thing as TOO much.
I don't ask my students WHY so much any more, but I push them to answer the HOW COME. What? They are the same, you say? They are, but they are not.
They are the same in their meaning, but they are not the same in how we think of them. When I ask WHY, students sigh and give me one word answers. When I ask HOW COME students come up with one, two and three sentence answers that fit into the essay beautifully. They find evidence in the text and in their lives. They connect ideas to one another, and I get them to do that without becoming a two-year-old following them around.
What does this have to do with my own writing? Well, sometimes I find myself forgetting that while my novel is playing out beautifully in my head, what ends up on paper is short and devoid of any imagery. I need to remember that my reader will need a HOW COME in order to understand my line of thinking or my character's line of thinking.
Besides, I really miss teaching. Really, really, and I have been dreaming about it. Dreaming about the past and I wake up wondering if there will be a future. I certainly hope so.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dance with me

"Come dance with me, little one." I whispered as I lifted a sleeping baby from her mother's arms. She hiccuped and shook her entire body as she curled into an even smaller ball on my chest. We began that waltz around the tiny living room to the easy rhythm of baby girl's father's music as it coursed down the hall from the makeshift music room/guest room/new baby room. Music permeates her life and will eternally.
As her hiccups cease and baby sighs signal her imminent sleep, I slowly sway around the room. Guitars, bassinets, and dog toys litter the ground, but they make no difference. Our dance is what matters. Our time to bond. Our moment together. These moments are destined to be few and far between as I dread leaving my niece and my sister to return home in a few days. She will not remember, but I will. Every hug and kiss, every coo and smile. I will remember.